6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect First Dance Song

One of the most essential elements of wedding planning is selecting the perfect first dance song. This song will be your everlasting memory so the lyrics and music must define the initial moments of your matrimonial delight. Some couples start deciding their first wedding song soon after their engagement.

Whereas, others remain confused about your wedding song selection even a week before the wedding. If you are among those couples who are facing difficulty in choosing the first wedding dance song, then follow these 6 tips.

Choose something emotional

Most couples prefer choosing a song that relates to their relationship. It can be the background tune that was playing during your first date or a tune during your first hug. Make sure to choose something emotional and relevant to your relationship to make your dance memorable.

A glimpse of your love story

No need to worry if you don’t have any special tune as you can choose a song that shows a glimpse of your love story. It can be something that relates to your love story. Do a little research to find something special that speaks about your love story.

Concentrate on a specific genre

You may find many options for your first wedding song, but you have to narrow down your available list and concentrate on a specific genre. No doubt, narrowing down the songs list is not easy as your taste may vary from your fiancée. For instance, you might be a lover of hip hop, but your fiancée may rather prefer jazz. So, you need to agree on a specific genre to please your guests.

Decide whether you want a contemporary or classic song

The age of a song is also important. So, you need to ask yourself whether you want a contemporary or a traditional song. Both of these options have some advantages and disadvantages. For instance, classic songs are evergreen, but some couples may consider them common and overused. On the other hand, modern-day songs may suit you but they may lose their fame after some years.

Consider melody

Here it is important to mention that slow dancing only works best with particular rhythms. So, you must talk to your wedding DJ or band, and instruct them to modify the rhythm of your selected song to make it suitable for slow dancing.

Talk to your DJ or band

You must talk to your wedding DJ or band even though you do not want to alter the song rhythm. It’s because discussing your selected song will help ensure that they can play its tune properly

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