12 Questions to Ask When Booking a Mobile DJ For Your Wedding

Hiring a mobile DJ for your wedding is quite a time-consuming task as there are many things to consider. You need to consider your liking, the taste of your guests, and the available budget before making any final decision. Unluckily, there are no set criteria to become a professional wedding DJ and anyone can adopt this profession.

So, you may face difficulty in choosing the right one. But nothing to worry as here we are sharing a list of 12 questions that you should ask when booking a mobile DJ for your wedding.

  1. Do detailed research

Before asking any question from a DJ, browse through his website to find some information about past experiences and service charges.

  1. For how long you been in this profession?

Know about the working experience of DJ by asking this question. Experience counts a lot, especially when you want a DJ for your wedding. Make sure the DJ has a minimum of 3 years of experience and has covered at least 50+ occasions.

  1. Do you have wedding expertise?

Playing music in a local bar is quite different from wedding event music. So, you need to ensure your DJ has the required wedding expertise to entertain you and your guests in the best manner.

  1. Have you already worked at my wedding venue? Or will you visit it?

Prefer hiring a DJ who has already played at your selected venue. If the DJ will be performing the first time at the venue, then ask him to visit the venue before your wedding event.

  1. Do you take requests and allow modification in the playlist?

Ask your DJ if he allows changes in the bespoke playlist and be willing to take requests.

  1. Do you own Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

PAT helps ensure that equipment is safe whereas PLI protects if in case DJ injures an individual or damages property.

  1. May I know about your equipment?

Do not forget to ask your DJ about his equipment and make sure he uses a good-quality sound system and DMX-controlled lighting.

  1. Always meet DJ personally

Always meet your DJ personally before booking to develop familiarity.

  1. How much time will you take to set up?

Ask your DJ about his set up time and organize things accordingly.

  1. Will there be a written agreement?

Make sure to have a written agreement with your DJ, including the payments made or outstanding, date, and other required information.

  1. Why you are better than others?

Ask your DJ about his plus points and strengths over the competitors.

  1. What will you do if something went wrong?

What if your sound system fails? What if you get ill on the day? These are must-ask questions and a professional DJ will always have a backup plan.

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