Pub Marketing Ideas That Work

It is not an easy task to operate a bar or pub.

As you have to think about high operational costs, long working hours, and rotation of staff. Here in the United Kingdom, nearly 18 bars shut down each week due to the difficulty in management. To assist you with your bar or pub, we have decided to share some effective marketing ideas that work. Let’s have a look.

Entertainment Ideas

  • Themed nights: Ask individuals about their favorite theme for a bar night and then arrange it in your pub.
  • Quiz nights: Prefer arranging quiz nights for your customers to keep them engaged.
  • Pub games: You can include several games in your pub to entertain your customers such as board games, dartboards, and pool tables.
  • Poker night: Place poker tables in your pub and offer some amazing cash prizes to attract customers.
  • Live music: Hire a live band and let it entertain your punters on both weekdays and weekends.
  • Television sport: Prefer televising sport in your pub no matter whether it is a weekday or weekend. This marketing tactic will help keep your pub full even during weekdays.

Menu / Drink Ideas

  • Unique drinks: A unique menu of drinks can play a key role in flourishing your bar or pub business. Add exclusive cocktails in your drinks menu to become prominent among competitors.
  • Rotate guest ales: In the UK, the market for ales is growing rapidly so you can get a loyal clientage of beer lovers with guest ales. Prefer rotating the beer selection regularly.
  • Happy hour: Every one of us loves to have a happy hour as it comes with exciting discounts. Introduce a happy hour at your pub to attract more customers.

Social Ideas

  • Loyalty cards: Introduce loyalty cards for your regular customers to promote repeat visits to your pub.
  • Arrange beer festivals: Prefer arranging beer festivals in your bar if you have sufficient space. You can invite brewers for these festivals.
  • Take feedback from customers: Place a suggestion box in your pub and take feedback from customers. Their response/suggestion will be helpful for your business.

Website Ideas

  • Update your website regularly: Keep updating your website and its content regularly such as a change in menu, schedule for beer festivals, etc.
  • Offer discounts: Keep offering discounted deals to delight your customers.
  • Publish your menu online: The majority of the customers want to know about the drinks and food prices before visiting a bar. So, publish your menu online to let them know the prices beforehand.
  • Start a blog: A blog can help promote your business if you post regular articles on it. You can let your customers know about new drinks and food menus with the help of blog posts.

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