How To Plan A Great Pub Quiz

Pub quizzes can help generate funds for all sorts of causes, as well as provide a great evening for bar regulars – and as an event to attract new customers!

Therefore, it is important to plan these quizzes well to get maximum funds. Here are a few things to consider to plan a great pub quiz.

Your Team

A pub quiz is easy to organize but still, a team can help make things run smoothly. A team for pub quiz comprises of the following members and roles:


Announces the quiz, dictate the questions, and declare the winner. He/she must be confident to speak with the public and have a powerful voice.

The quiz questions must be diverse and appealing to the audience – so it’s important when hiring a quizmaster that they are prepared to cater to a diverse audience.

Publicity Manager & Prize Coordinator

Ensures the provision of sufficient teams by promoting the quiz. This person also meets local business owners and ask for donations, which will be utilized as prizes.

The publicity

Advertising the pub quiz must be started at least 2 weeks beforehand.

Posters can be used inside and outside the venue, social media, and local press. Word of mouth is another great publicity tool.


A good prize can help promote your quiz to a great extent. Request local business owners for donations. Do mention the prize in the promo when it is confirmed.

The quiz

The quiz should be designed in a manner that it includes 4 to 8 rounds with 10 questions each. All these questions must be diverse and relate to different fields, including general knowledge, literature, TV, film, human rights, sport, history, geography, and music.

If you want to include a piece of music or picture round, then be prepared in advance (we can also provide a functioning sound system if the venue doesn’t have a PA!)

The day of the quiz

Finalize the entry fee, which can be per individual or per team.

Make sure to collect payment from each individual or team before starting the quiz. Make sure every participant has a pen and answer sheet, if you choose our smart-quizzes, make sure every team has one of our tablets!

Once the participants are ready, the quiz master will introduce the quiz and give instructions. Make sure renounce the instructions for avoiding disruptions later on.

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