How To Plan A Great Pub Quiz

Pub quizzes can help generate funds for all sorts of causes, as well as provide a great evening for bar regulars – and as an event to attract new customers!

Therefore, it is important to plan these quizzes well to get maximum funds. Here are a few things to consider to plan a great pub quiz.

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6 Tips for Choosing the Perfect First Dance Song

One of the most essential elements of wedding planning is selecting the perfect first dance song. This song will be your everlasting memory so the lyrics and music must define the initial moments of your matrimonial delight. Some couples start deciding their first wedding song soon after their engagement.

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12 Questions to Ask When Booking a Mobile DJ For Your Wedding

Hiring a mobile DJ for your wedding is quite a time-consuming task as there are many things to consider. You need to consider your liking, the taste of your guests, and the available budget before making any final decision. Unluckily, there are no set criteria to become a professional wedding DJ and anyone can adopt this profession.

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Pub Marketing Ideas That Work

It is not an easy task to operate a bar or pub.

As you have to think about high operational costs, long working hours, and rotation of staff. Here in the United Kingdom, nearly 18 bars shut down each week due to the difficulty in management. To assist you with your bar or pub, we have decided to share some effective marketing ideas that work. Let’s have a look.

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How To Book The Perfect Frozen Tribute Act

Ever since Frozen was released in 2013; Elsa and Anna tribute acts have been in high demand to sing the hit song from the movie.

However, not every Frozen tribute act booking turns out to be the fairytale experience you wanted for your child’s party, and instead can turn a magical day into a nightmare.

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229 Quiz Team Names (For Those Stuck For Ideas!)

We all know that whether or not you win or lose a pub quiz, it’s important that you do it with the best team name ever.

Coming up with a team name on the spot however can be tricky, so here are 229 pub quiz team names to give you some inspiration!

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