Lesson Plan 2: What instruments make up an Orchestra?

This is a lesson plan, part two of a three, focused around the History of Music, designed for small groups of children, or for parents to teach at home with their children.


  • Suggested duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Ages: 5-12


  • Internet access, for YouTube videos
  • A computer, laptop or tablet
  • Instrument family worksheet(s) and colouring pencils/highlighters 4 colours


What is an orchestra?  What instruments do you recognize in this picture? (below). 

Today we are going to learn more about the different families of instruments in an orchestra. 

Just like your family members have similar traits, instruments in an orchestra have common characteristics. As you watch the video, write down things about each of the instrument families.  When you are finished, use four different colors to color the picture according to each instrument family.

Video Activity

George Meets The Orchestra (6-minutes)



Using the below PDF, can you identify the four instrument families that make up an Orchestra? Can you name any instruments from the family?

(Maybe watch the video again to go through the exercise sheet)

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