Lesson 3: Songs from around the world!

This is a lesson plan, part two of a three, focused around the History of Music, designed for small groups of children, or for parents to teach at home with their children.


  • Suggested duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Ages: 5-12


  • Internet access, for YouTube videos
  • A computer, laptop or tablet
  • World map (provided)
  • Colouring pencils, highlighters or markers


What are some different types of music from different parts of the world?

Show this clip of different musical genres: “A Music Genre for Each Country in the World.”


… Have the students close their eyes and guess which country each song is from).

Why do you think that music sounds different in different parts of the world?

What are some elements of music that are the same, no matter where you go? (thinking back to lesson 1)

Exercise: Mapping songs

Songs around the world is a project sponsored by the nonprofit organization, Playing for Change. https://playingforchange.com/about/. They have published several popular songs that are performed by musicians around the world.  They call this series, Songs Around the World.” Go to the playlist and select one of the songs that you want to listen to:

Each time a new musician is shown, mark on the map where that musician is from.  Younger kids may need some help. 

You may pause to look at an online map if you need help finding a place. Make a list of instruments that you see being played in the videos. 

Younger students may need help identifying instruments.  If time allows, watch a different song and mark it with a different color on the map.

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