The reception is undoubtedly one of the best parts of any wedding.

Who doesn’t love a good party with savoury food, tasty drinks, enjoyable company, and let’s not miss the music part!

The wedding reception playlist can be a deal or no deal for your guests. Creating a perfect playlist is an art in itself. Whether you’re choosing between DIY or wedding disco hire, compiling an ideal song list, or in need of a few tips to get started, this blog will assist you in creating a playlist that will get your guests amused and out onto the dance floor!

It’s always fun to add a personal touch to your playlist by putting together all the songs that you’d love to be fiddled on your big day!

1. Involve Your Fiancé

Since the day is about the Two of you, the music should express that. Sit together and finalize the music he/she would like to be played, e.g., song for your first dance, music during parents’ dance, and so forth.

2. Invite Song Requests

You can add a “Song Request” line to the RSVP or leave it up to the guests by putting music request cards on the dinner tables or wedding DJ booth.

3. Throw a Playlist-Making Party

It’s another great excuse to get some bonding time with your buddies and have super fun moments while brainstorming ideas for playlist songs. You can also request your pals to come with a list of songs that they would love to hear played at the wedding.

4. Create a Collaborative Playlist

Take advantage of technology and use Spotify to create a collaborative playlist with friends and family and watch the music recommendations pouring in.

Tips for Creating the Rock On Reception Playlist

Create a Long-Enough Playlist

If you’re skipping over on wedding disco hire and compiling the set-list on your own, make sure to add a few extra songs for each event just in case things take more time than expected.

Mix Different Genres

To get a thrilling response from the crowd, make sure to add all the flavors and come up with the right mix of contemporary dance numbers and classic love songs, and so on.

Oscillate the Energy

Don’t let your guests burn out by playing quick hits one after another. Keep the energy of the music fluctuating by intelligently mixing slow tracks with fast numbers. Give the crowd the chance to relax too.

Avoid Non-Romantic Songs

Be wise to avoid any sad, non-romantic songs. Keep it a romantic, fun music night.

Test Out a Run-Through

It may take a couple of sittings, but make sure to go through the entire playlist at least once before the big day, especially if you are not hiring a wedding DJ to avoid any embarrassment.

Showcase Your Musical Tastes

Your musical preferences reflect you and your fiancé as a couple, so be confident to flaunt that.

Hopefully, this guide will facilitate you to create a rocking wedding reception playlist that perfectly reflects you and your fiancé as a couple. Trust me; it’s worth the effort to get your guests out on the dance floor!

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