How To Create The Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

A wedding seating plan is designed to bring harmony and joy at the big day by ensuring that guests are seated according to their preferences, and also keeping a balance between table partners. If you want to create a good wedding seating plan, avoid the following common mistakes.

Mistake 1: Not preparing enough seating plans

If you have more than 100 guests, it may be difficult for each guest to find out where he or she is seated without a seating plan. It is best not to wait until the last minute before creating the seating plans because you may need change in people’s preferences at short notice.

Mistake 2: Not pricing the seating plans individually

If you are planning to print the seating plan on a seat, it will be more expensive than if you are going to print it on a piece of paper. Ensure that you are clear on how many seating plans you need. You should also ask whether you can order just one extra to make sure that no guest is left out.

Mistake 3: Not creating an alphabetical seating plan for the tables with less number of guests

When there are not many guests at one table, each person is likely to have a different group of people around them. It is not very efficient to have all these guests put at one table.

Mistake 4: Not finding a seating plan template

There are many free seating plans available on the internet. Ensure to get the right template for your wedding because some templates may contain errors that you are not aware of at the time of creating the seating plan.

Mistake 5: Not calculating how many guest can fit at each table

The way that you calculate how many people can fit depends on whether or not there are side chairs to each table. Some tables have only one chair instead of two; some tables have more seats; and there are different-sized tables with different numbers of guests per table.

Mistake 6: Not making the seats a priority

It is not easy for people to sit next to their partners on the day. To avoid this mistake, you should try to seat similar-aged and same-sex couples together. This will help couples find their partners easily on the day.

Mistake 7: Not creating a seating chart at all

A seating chart is very important and your guests may not know where they are supposed to be seated at the event site. To overcome this mistake, you should draw a sketch of the venue, or write down the table numbers on note cards for every guest.

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