Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive through email, phone and face to face at exhibitions I attend.

If your question isn’t answered below, please do reach out to me by one of the methods listed on my contact page.

Why are you different?

I have a unique way of presenting my shows!

Firstly, I take into account how you would like your celebration to be remembered and then I work with you to make it happen!

How much do you charge?

I’d love to be able to provide an off the cuff quote, but the truth is there are too many variables.

The services I provide are so very different to those provided by just about every other DJ in the UK that simply giving you a fee without a proper explanation of what is included in that fee is as useful as an inflatable dartboard!

However, it is not easy to properly explain what I do using the written word on an email, or even on a telephone call. It is far better in a face to face meeting over a coffee, which might be at your home, the venue itself or maybe a coffee shop near to you or partners office.

During the meeting, I can succinctly explain just what it is that I do that is so different, plus using photos and video it all becomes clearer, and the quotation is provided.

As a guideline though my fees range between £200.00 and £1,000.00 totally dependent on what you would like. Please call me on 07960 095958 or contact me.

What do you wear to the event?

Black tie or smart casual or if you’re having say a seventies theme I may well turn up in flares and a pair of platforms. You can state your preference at the time of booking and I will comply accordingly!

Do you use Smoke machines and Strobe lighting?

As regards smoke machines, generally not as they tend to send the venue’s smoke alarms into meltdown.

If you would like a smoke effect, I’d recommend a haze machine, they tend to be less, smoky. I do not use strobe lighting unless specifically requested, but I would ask you be aware the effects they have on guests with health concerns.

How long does it take to set your equipment up?

It generally takes me under an hour to set up all of the sound & lighting equipment, and I will usually arrive at the venue at least 90 minutes before the start time so I have ample time to set up and sound check before the guests arrive. If that’s not early enough, you always have the option of an early set up.

Do you offer any other related services?

Planning and organising entertainment is the core of my business but many clients are often in need of other areas of assistance.

I can also provide Lighting, Sound, Staging, Production, Video, Conference Equipment, Backdrops, Outdoor Event & site services, Marquees & interiors and Specialist Event Planners.

I can even give advice for themes and help with finding the right venue. I’ve been in this business for a long time and built up a wealth of contacts in every aspect of entertainment and events.

How early do I need to book?

I recommend booking as early as you can. I do get booked up many months in advance. Your booking will be sealed in the diary once I’ve received the booking fee and the signed booking form.

I will always hold the date of your wedding for seven days though from the day you receive the quote so you don’t have to make any rushed decisions.

Do you hold legally required certificates?

Yes. Please refer to my legal section below this FAQ.

Are your staff CRB checked?

Yes. All our staff hold valid CRB/DBS enhanced certificates. These certificates are available to see upon request.

Do you accept playlists?

We do accept and welcome playlists. We will supply a playlist form and would require this returned 10 days before your event to ensure we have all your requested songs.

Public Liability Insurance

I carry public liability insurance of £10,000,000
A copy of my valid certificate can be made available to your venue upon request


Or, PAT (portable appliance testing) certificate. The electrical safety at work act advises that equipment be safety checked at regular intervals. I have a compliant certificate for all of my equipment. Again, a copy can be made available upon request.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety in the workplace (work for me, enjoyment for you!) is always foremost in my mind. Risk assesments are carried out as soon as I enter a venue and recorded should there be any cause for concern. These concerns are noted to the venue management and/or addressed accordingly. I do have a policy sheet which again can be made available..

Terms and Conditions

As with every business, I have terms & conditions by which every contract I enter into is binding. These are provided with every booking confirmation, you can also view a copy here.